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Visas For Victims Of Crimes Or Victims Of Violence

Many foreign-born individuals are subjected to physical abuse or dehumanizing treatment by their spouses in America, but are afraid to speak up for fear of being deported. Likewise, many immigrants living in the U.S. who are victims of other crimes also suffer in silence because of the risk of removal.

The Law Offices Of David M. Paz Soldan helps foreign nationals who are victims of violence in their homes or neighborhoods to escape the abuse through special visas that preserve their immigration status. Based in Los Angeles, we represent immigrants throughout Southern California who need protection as victims of crimes or family violence.

VAWA Visa For Immigrants Subjected To Domestic Violence

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) applies to men and women who are subjected to physical violence or extreme emotional abuse by a spouse or parent who is a legal permanent resident or a U.S. citizen. We have represented foreign brides who were abused by their American husbands after coming to live in the U.S. We have also represented women and children who were beaten, mutilated or enslaved under the guise of “cultural” practices.

Often, the abusers will try to have the victims deported when they come forward about the abuse. The victim is accused of immigration fraud, criminal activity or other offenses subject to removal proceedings. We work to head off deportation and show the court why our client deserves the full protection of the government.

U Visa For Immigrant Victims Of Crime

The U visa offers a stay of deportation to victims of certain enumerated crimes or immigrants who have assisted U.S. law enforcement agencies in prosecutions of those crimes. Children, spouses and partners may also qualify.

Qualifying crimes (experienced or witnessed) include rape, child molestation and incest; alien smuggling, kidnapping, forced prostitution and slavery; murder, torture and felonious assault; blackmail and witness tampering; and conspiracy or solicitation of any of these crimes.

Attorney David Paz Soldan has practiced in immigration law since 1998. He can help victims of crime or violence satisfy the criteria of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for these special visas. He also helps clients and their families find shelters and connect to other resources.

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