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Assisting Immigrants Who Have Been Arrested On Immigration Offenses

If a loved one has been questioned or detained by local law enforcement or federal authorities regarding immigration offenses, you need to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. The Law Offices Of David M. Paz Soldan handles deportation and removal defense, including release from immigration detention while our client’s case is pending.

Our Los Angeles law firm handles immigration law concerns for clients throughout Southern California, with an emphasis on fighting removal for criminal convictions or immigration violations.

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Helping You Understand All Options

We know you have many questions: Why was your loved one detained? What happens next? Will he or she be deported? David M. Paz Soldan is an experienced immigration lawyer who will personally meet with the detainee and family members to explain everything.

Our first goal is to get your family member released so that he or she does not sit in an immigration detention facility for weeks or months. In a detention hearing, the court may require an immigration bond to release the person from custody. The bond assures that the person will show up for court on the hearing date or trial date. Our role is to make sure that the bond amount is not unreasonably high and to help you find a bail bond company that handles federal immigration bonds.

Some people are not eligible for release. Aggravated felony crimes such as violence, theft, fraud, drugs or sexual offenses against minors may disqualify someone from bonding out of custody. Mr. Paz Soldan can advise clients of the immigration consequences of a criminal case. He also handles post-conviction relief to reopen old cases to try to have a guilty plea or conviction vacated or to modify a sentence.

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If your loved one is in a county jail or has already been transferred to the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), we will move for release and analyze the case for the best strategy to avoid removal from the U.S.

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