Detention And Bonds

Helping Immigrants Who Have Been Charged With Crimes

Has a family member been detained by the police or federal authorities for an immigration offense? Your loved one may be facing the threat of removal or deportation. You may want to speak to a Los Angeles immigration detention attorney to learn about your options. Your family member may be able to be released from detention through an immigration bond while the case proceeds. This is important because these proceedings can last for weeks or months.

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Release From Detention: Understanding Your Options

The Law Offices Of David M. Paz Soldan represents clients at detention and bond hearings and bond redetermination hearings. We can help you understand the detention process and whether you are eligible for release. Options vary depending on what type of crime you have been charged with.

An individual may be deemed ineligible for a bond, or a higher bond may be issued. In certain cases, the Department of Homeland Security will place an individual on a no-bond list, even though he or she may meet eligibility requirements.

A detainee may be able to get his or her bond reduced by an immigration judge at a bond hearing. It is important for a detainee to work with an experienced immigration lawyer, as the process is complex. Our firm can explain your rights, walk you through the process and work to protect your immigration status.

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