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Helping You Adjust Your Immigration Status

The Law Offices Of David M. Paz Soldan represents individuals in the Los Angeles area in a variety of immigration-related legal matters. If you are facing deportation, you should talk to an immigration attorney as soon as possible. There may be options available that would allow you to remain in the United States.

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Exploring Your Immigration Options

  • Cancellation of removal: This may be an option for a legal permanent resident who has been placed in deportation proceedings. Through cancellation of removal, an immigration judge cancels the removal proceeding, and the individual can remain in the United States provided certain requirements are met.
    • Battered spouses: Special rules apply for battered spouses who are facing deportation proceedings. Victims of domestic violence or abuse may qualify for cancellation of removal and may be able to obtain legal permanent resident (green card) status under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).
  • Adjustment of status: This involves changing an individual’s immigration status from nonimmigrant to permanent resident. Individuals may not have to leave the United States to complete the adjustment of status process.

Our attorney, David M. Paz Soldan, can help you determine if you are eligible for either of these options or others that would allow you to stay in the United States.

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