Defending You Against Alien Smuggling Charges

Alien smuggling involves the act of bringing a non-U.S. citizen into the United States illegally at a location other than an official port of entry. It may involve transporting an individual via car across the border into California or another illegal border crossing, harboring an illegal alien, or otherwise helping a non-U.S. citizen get into the country.

Alien smuggling can result in deportation or other adverse immigration consequences. If you have been charged with alien smuggling, talk to an immigration lawyer as soon as possible. Our attorney, David M. Paz Soldan, is a defense attorney for alien smuggling who has been practicing in Los Angeles since 1998.

Defense Against Alien Smuggling Charges
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Caught Alien Smuggling? Speak To An Immigration Lawyer As Soon As Possible.

A non-U.S. citizen who is caught smuggling an illegal alien into the United States may be placed in deportation proceedings. The defense options available at this point depend on several factors, including how long the individual has been in the United States.

An experienced immigration attorney can help you identify options that would allow you to potentially avoid the immigration consequences of a criminal conviction and stay in the United States. However, alien smuggling is a serious matter with serious consequences. It is considered a federal crime. This is why it is important to act quickly and speak to an immigration lawyer as soon as possible.

Our law firm can help you determine your defense options based on the unique circumstances of your case and other technical factors. You may be eligible for a waiver that would allow you to stay in the U.S. We may also be able to prove that you were not involved in the alien smuggling.

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