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Immigration law can be complex and intimidating, especially if you or a family member is threatened with deportation or removal. Knowing what to do at this time is crucial to your ability to remain in the country. Whether you are hoping to enter the United States or fighting to stay here, you need experienced legal representation.

The Law Offices of David M. Paz Soldan in Los Angeles helps immigrants navigate the U.S. immigration system. Our founding attorney, David M. Paz Soldan, has been practicing in immigration law since 1998. He has dedicated his entire practice to helping people who are facing serious immigration concerns. He understands the unique pressures that you and your family are experiencing, and he is confident that he will be able to offer you the strong representation you need as your case moves forward.

Representing Southern California Clients From Around The World
Our prior immigration law cases have allowed us to represent clients from countries throughout the world. We have represented many people who are trying to come to or remain in the United States, including many from Mexico, as well as countries across Central and South America.

At our firm, we have extensive experience protecting the rights of immigrants facing deportation or removal. Many of these individuals were convicted of a crime because they pleaded guilty before they knew the impact that this would have on their immigration status.

If you have questions about an immigration law matter, you need to reach out to an attorney as soon as possible. Your status may depend upon you finding the right answers to your particular situation. At our firm, we will thoroughly review your case and discuss all options with you when developing a strategy that is best for you.

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The Law Offices of David M. Paz Soldan is in downtown Los Angeles across the street from the U.S. Immigration Court. Our lawyer, paralegals and staff all speak Spanish. We offer a free phone consultation, and we accept credit cards and payment plans. Call 213-784-5201 or 888-775-8575 for prompt and knowledgeable help, or email us.

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