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Effect of Conviction on Immigration Status

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Anyone who is not a U.S. citizen should consult an immigration lawyer after any contact with law enforcement or when charged with a crime. Even if you are a permanent legal resident (green card holder), a conviction for a minor offense could trigger your removal from the U.S.

The Law Office Of David M. Paz Soldan offers sophisticated knowledge of immigration law, including the potential consequences of criminal charges on immigration status. We try to help immigrants stay out of legal trouble, but we also handle deportation defense and post-conviction relief for non-citizens who are threatened with removal. Our Los Angeles immigration firm takes cases throughout Southern California.

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The Effect of Conviction on Immigration Status

Arrests and convictions may have very harsh immigration consequences:

  • You could be deported and forced to wait to re-enter the United States.
  • You could be removed and permanently barred from re-entering the U.S.
  • You may be prevented from leaving the U.S. to travel.
  • You might be allowed to leave the U.S., but detained when you try to return.
  • Your family members could be deported.
  • You could lose your green card or visa.
  • You could be barred from applying for U.S. citizenship (naturalization).

You need to know before you go to court whether you are accused of a deportable offense. You need to know the consequences of a guilty plea or a conviction at trial. Criminal defense lawyers cannot always give accurate answers about these complex issues.

Attorney David M. Paz Soldan has practiced in immigration law since 1998. He can explain exactly where you stand. Mr. Paz Soldan can advise immigrants and their criminal defense lawyers on how to structure "deportation-friendly" pleas so that a conviction does not trigger removal proceedings.

Los Angeles Immigration Status Attorney

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